Friday, April 24, 2009

Designing Haunted Tiki island (part 2)

Sometimes its good when props don't come out like they looked in your head. Whereas the last post featured a giant tiki mask that is almost a verbatim replica of the original drawing, sometimes it's good to just keep working till it looks good. This is one such case.

The final prop:
JungleRot - scarecrow tree

Let's jump forward a year to 2008. This is a prop or a scene setter that Patty and I came up with. Patty thought it would be cool to put some skulls up on the branches of a tree in the yard that had died of blight, and was mostly stripped bare of limbs, just waiting to be felled and diced up into fire wood. She said we could do anything we wanted since it was getting cut down right after Halloween.

This is how it looked in the first sketch. Some good ideas, some ho-hum:
Tree props

Then a couple weeks later I drew this. It's getting closer:
bamboo scarecrow

and here's what I ended up with. Here is a daytime shot:
scarecrow 006

In the end we had to skip on the palm frond tiki masks because we couldn't find the right one, but instead used palm fans from Calleana's ranch and spattered them with red paint. The effect was better because it might have been too busy with tiki faces all over the tree, as the tree itself was surrounded with props already.

So if that prop doesn't look like you planned, just work on it till it looks cool. Don't get frustrated, don't give up. Just keep working!

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