Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Natives are Restless

The crew sans the 40oz  Cannibal
(Halloween night 2008, and someones costume has improved)

It's Halloween night 2007, the first Year of Haunted Tiki Island and I am running around like crazy trying to put everything up. I took half a day off from work and sped over there. Everyone has been helping as they arrive from work through out the afternoon, but its coming down the wire. Just as the sun is setting we finally get it all up. I run into the house to shower and then get my costume on. While I have spent the last two weeks staying up till 1 am to finish props, something else has been going on under my nose. Costumes are coming together. Maybe I was too single minded to even hear what people were saying about their costumes during that time. I donned the costume that I had bought all online, and had not yet even tried on till now.

The NotToo Scary Adventurer

So Sad. I look stupid. Unscary.

Oh well the show must go on! I walk outside and I see this:
The Tribe

and this:

and this:
Zac n Cort

I am jump up and down happy again! I had the worst costume there, how awesome! I have feeling this Tiki Island thing is going to go well.

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