Monday, September 14, 2009

Build Season Week 4

After a long holiday I got back to working in the haunted garage on Saturday. Due to work and camping, I was the only one there.

I got a lot done:

The horrah
Sconce Corpse
Sconce Corpse
The fire bringer cometh
Firebringer leg detail
Firebringer gets a ribcage

Then on sunday I Kendra and Patty didn't have to work and joined me, along with first time prop builder Joe.

Kendra attended to the flora of Haunted Tiki Island:

andalusian flowers

Patty made a Samoan style tiki mask:

Patty uses reference materials
Patty's Somoan Tiki

Joe built his first prop, a tiki mask/shield, which was not too shabby:

Joe's First Tiki

and I started my first wood tiki ever:

My First Real TIki

Next week it's time to move some lumber big time with all hands on deck. Ahoy Halloween!!!


  1. I so need to make more money so I had a private jet to bring me down to play with you folks :)

  2. Wow, great work. That skeleton is really cool...yeah, I will be joining our Ghoul Friday on a plane to come play!!

    Fun blog!