Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Build Season Week 6


The volcano got done despite me being a prop nazi and waking up at 3am saturday morning for no reason and being unable to fall asleep again. I was grumpy, so I apologize once again to my fellow haunters.

Now to the volcano:


Courtney and Kendra help out on volcano (everyone helped BTW)

Courtney and Kendra assist on the Volcano

Piece by piece

Mosaic mountain

great stuff and not-so-great stuff

Need a moisturizer

Next weekend I'll make his eyes and teeth a bit bigger, and paint him up. I'll try to test out the smoke and fire if there is time.

Some other shots of the weekend labors:

Joe finishes the bridge

Joe secures the fascade

Tricia re-works last years blue man into the Lava Creep

Tricia Reworks the Blue man into lava Creep

Tricia Reworks the Blue man into lava Creep

Zac makes some feet and paints his ground breaker

Zac crafts some feet

Arrgghhh the lawn mover cut off my hands

FInally! Little butcher gets some feet

props that got finished or 95% done:

Kendra's Carnivorous Flower
Tricia's Venus Fly Traps
Patty's Peeping Ghoul and shield
Zac's Ground Breaker
Zac's Little butcher from last year got some feet
Joe's Tiki painted
Haunted Vines and Blacklight Flowers
Lava effect
Altar candles

I am quite confident that now we will finish everything. Yay Halloween!!!

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