Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Build Season Week 7

Patty and I put in three whole days of work this weekend with everyone else doing full days on Saturday and Sunday. We got a lot of stuff done. Except for me, almost everybody's projects are done or almost done. Now everyone just has to pitch in to get everything done. I mean they have to help me finish my projects. Yay halloween?

Patty and Tricia weather some voodoo dolls:
Voodoo Dolls

Zac and Tricia prime and paint a giant cheetoh:
Captain Cheetos

I adjusted the eyes on volcano to be more scary:
reworking lava face

Zac, Tricia and Patty weather the wood on the tower of death:
weathering the tower of death

Kendra touches up the paint of volcano:
kendra touches up the volcano

and she made us a bunch of hands:
kendra made a bunch of hands - I hate doing that

I built the frames for the tarp covered black light area:
Notes for black light tunnels

Zac starts one more corpse:
Zac starts another corpse

I worked on my Sconce Corpses:
Corpse sconce #1

Corpse sconce #2

Corpse sconce #3

and Cappy took a nap:
napster capster


  1. Wow, you guys HAVE been busy! Looks great!


  2. This is COMPLETELY awesome; can't wait to see the "Island" when it's populated. :)

    I see the address at the top of each page; but I couldn't find any information on when it will be available for public enjoyment? Is it only on Halloween? Or will it be running other nights too?

    Thanks for this fantastic site, documentation and stunningly cool haunted house!