Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Last Vacation - No time lost

This weekend K and I took off to San Fransicso for Labor Day weekend. We spent the weekend going to all the art and science museums. I had heard that the De Young Museum was having a display of African masks and statues and some photographs by some famous photographers, but I didn't really have an idea of what was going to be there. Well, King Tut was there on display, but sans a mummy, I wasn't interested in looking at gold stuff and old jars with a million other tourists and paying extra to do it. What I didn't know about the De Young Museum was that it is home to an awesome collection of tribal and ancient art and artifacts.

Here are some highlights:

Asmat Ancestor Skull
Asmat Ancestor Skull

Asmat Ancestor Skull
Asmat Ancestor Skull

Dayak Carving
Dayak Carving

Tiki from Samoan Islands
Samoan Tiki

Skull Reliquary from New Guinea

Decorative Shields




While I didn't make anything for Halloween over the 3 day weekend, I got a whole bunch of ideas to try and squeeze in this years haunt.

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