Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009!!!

Haunted Tiki Island 2009

Halloween 2009 was a great night!!! We had 500-600 hundred people come thru. Luckily we had enough candy and treats on hand to get thru the ravenous hordes of Trick R Treaters. Quick thanks to Tricia's Portland family who sent us a box full of halloween pencils, glow in the dark fangs, and spider rings to give out. That really helped spread out the fun.

As always thanks to Patty and Joe for letting us mess up their house again this year. Thanks to my fellow haunt builders and scare-actors. Thanks to all the Trick R Treaters who came by and had so many nice things to say. Thanks to for helping me to learn all this crazy stuff.

I am pouring thru hundreds of pictures and a lot of video. I will start posting those here in the next week so stay tuned. Haunted Tiki Island the yard haunt might be done, but Haunted Tiki Island the blog still has quite a bit more to see.


  1. Can't wait to see the pictures :) It looks amazing.

  2. Now that is impressive!! Looks great! Glad you got lots of trick r treaters!!!

    Can't hardly wait for more pictures!


  3. There were some people (tiki fans i think) who drove from Redlands, CA. which is 128 miles away. A lot of people just kind of pulled up in cars and dropped off their kids. It was easily twice our normal traffic, but then again I did invite every person on myspace who lived in simi valley to come, and tried to on facebook to, with less success.

  4. Outstanding haunt this year, DC. Everything looks great. I, too, had a woman drive 4 hours from Washington state to see Miss Rose. Some people are just real dedicated I guess.

    Sad to see the Island go, but I most definitely look forward to seeing what comes next.