Monday, November 2, 2009

Nov. 1st

Yes I know, I know, we said 2009 was the final year for Haunted Tiki Island, but all we needed was some sleep and a look at the pictures from the night before and we were all like yeah, yeah yeah!! Let's do one more year!

However, by 11 am on November 1st we had all talked it out and decided we were just being nostalgic and we really were excited to do our haunted carnival theme for next year that we all agreed on two years ago.

So we spent yesterday cleaning it all up and throwing out stuff we aren't going to use or can't store.

Good bye paper mache bugs.


Good bye Lava Creep.


Good bye Volcano.


Sorry Cauldron Creep, we left you out overnight and the wind wrecked you.


Sorry Praying Mantis, but we need to put this prop away.


Sorry Moth, these webcaster webs actually work.


(Luckily this web has no spiders so he was still alive and got free and flew away when I pulled then webs down.)

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