Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Haunt Photos 2009

Cauldron Creep and Volcano

Haunted Tiki Island 2009

Shot of the Yard with FireBringer

Shot of the Yard with MonTiki

Patty's Tiki Peeper Zac's Ground Breaker The Hatchling and Courtney's Scare Crow Smashmouth Volcano


Carver Creep Scene

Carver Creep Skinned Face Mobile with Headshrinking Herbs Broken Face - Sconce Corpse Afraid of the Dark - Sconce Corpse Carver Creep Close-up

Carver Creep's Victim Bowl of Shrunken Heads Altar Carver's Pile of Skulls Close Up - Broken Face Bat Thing

Kendra's Man Eating Plant

Jungle Cave Left Side

Flora and Fauna Detail Kendra's Man Eating Plant Veiw 2 Jungle Detail Zac's Drinking Corpse Vine Victim Skull Bug and Tikis

Killer D - The Leader One of Kendra's Skull Flowers
Mama Spider and Drinking Corpse

Jungle Cave Right Side Bomoh - The Shaman Let's go home, it's too colorful here!

This is the bulk of images from Halloween Night. I need to photograph a few props that were taken down too hastily and sort thru the point &shoot pictures. Thanks for looking!


  1. It like some freaky Little Shop Of Horrors on Absinthe. Amazing display

  2. I always dig your work. The skeleton with the lantern is stunning. And I really love the pot of shrunken heads.

    If your creations ever need a new home, they are always welcome here ;)

  3. Incredible! Wish I could have seen it in real life!

  4. Some of these items will find thier way to my still empty etsy shop in time for Christmas shoppers. Thought I'd see if I could fund next years haunt with last years. Maybe. maybe not.

  5. beautiful pictures! What a great theme, and extremely well executed.

  6. I love the colors in your display. There's such a distinct eeriness you're able to achieve with the palette at work here. And the compositions in the photos really showcase your talents.

    I hope you'll see some of these props find their way to good homes for next year's holiday.

  7. Awesome job Craig. I really enjoyed it. I am glad I got to see it this year. Can't wait to see the new theme.

  8. I do have one complaint. No zombie monkies. This made me sad.

  9. Yeah, no zombie monkeys, no FCG, no motorized chopping hand, or struggling vine victim. no silk flame for the volcano. It's all about compromises and time.

    If it makes you feel better, there will be 3 monkeys next year, and a fiji mermaid (so three and a half monkies).

  10. wow! incredible photos, incredible props! what a cool idea, too--would never have thought of it, but its obviously a dastardly and creepy success! gotta go look at these pics again!

  11. Very impressive. What did you use to make your skull's eyes glow that well?

  12. The glowing eyes are ultrabright LEDs, they just appear even brighter because of the slow shutter speed of the camera.

  13. Words can't even describe how phenomenal the display looks.... Wow!

  14. Good Enough to WIN a Haunt Award...which you did.
    Please send me your email contact.

  15. So amazing! Some of the best haunt photos I have ever seen... the colors are amazing.