Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's a Long, Hard Road...

Here is one more picture of the yard. I am almost finished editing all of the pictures. They will be up tomorrow or friday hopefully. Good old MonTiki, one of my first props I ever made, a 6 ft tall sexy hunk of Dow Blue foam.

Shot of the Yard with MonTiki

I was just looking at my google calendar for November. It's mostly empty now. A few bills here, a couple holidays there, and eye exam follow up. It was a big relief.

Just for fun, here are the last three months. I have removed all the personal events so this is just prop making things I needed to do. Dark orange is for weeknight tasks, bright orange is for working in the garage at Patty's house. Welcome to my nightmare! By the way, I had started way back in april but it was a casual thing. Those were easy days!

August - Prop Building Schedule

September - Prop Building Schedule

October - Prop Building Schedule


  1. Oh, my!!! That looks scary....and a bit familar :D

    Well, your hard work definately shows, you haunt is amazing.


  2. It's ok.:) Not as good as yours...yet!