Monday, November 23, 2009

The Stragglers

Lava Creep

There is one prop from this year that we all loved, and almost everyone had a hand in its creation, but for some reason it would not be photographed. Only one picture came out sharp and it doesn't have the fog machine going, which really brigs this prop to life. Even photoshopping in some fog doesn't quite cut it. However he came out great as a prop. So without further ado let introduce Lava Creep!

Lava Creep n Lost Souls

As you might imagine, Lava creep lives inside our volcano. He is about 8 feet tall and and bellows smoke from his mouth and slits in his ribcage. He stands in a stream of lava which you can see in the picture, but in real life looks very cool. It was rope lights laid out on the ground in a stream pattern, and then two layers of thin black ground cover cloth were laid over them. The criss-crossing patterns from the cloth made a weird effect where it looked like the lights were moving. The rope lights were also on a flicker circuit, so they had a cool smoldering ember look to them. Lava creep was surrounded by lost souls, who were emerging from the magma to wreck havoc on the world.

Here are some other shots of him. They show the smoke and light, but are blurry.

Lava Creep

Lava Creep getting fired up

He used to be this guy from 2008:

Blue man goop


This guy was out on the hedge and got put away before I could photograph him on Halloween night. He was one of my first scratch built corpses of the year and now I hate him. I think I'll saw his arms off and cut a big section of his ribs and make then cavity smaller. I like his face though.

The Hedgebreaker?


  1. Both of them are great....but the Lava Creep is my favorite. What great work you do.


  2. LOVE the straglers!!! I am with FG - the Lava Creep is so amazing, even being as camera shy as he is... what an interesting, unique dude. Awesome!

  3. Quite a neat effect! Curious about the overall 'heat' look you achieved...was that blacklight reactive paint of some internal light source?

  4. Hey Dave. The outside of lava creep is sprayed with flourescent orange paint. He has a light fixture with two 48" uv bulbs shining onto him. Inside is a coil of rope lights, and inside his head there are maybe 5-6 LED flicker candles.

  5. What a cool look. Was he open at the back for you to access the lights?

  6. Kind of, we shoved the lights in thru a small hole in his butt ☹ and that's how they came back out too. We forgot to put the lights in before we started closing him up, so we had to do some surgery.

  7. Oh, I wish I had come across this blog back in the midst of your posting - these sorts of amazing haunt projects are such a pleasure to watch unfold in real time. At least I can follow your Devil's Workshop - I'm really looking forward to what future goodies you share with us!